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Here at Rollcentre we discovered these lights as we were looking for an alternative to expensive and slow starting HID's (and also expensive!). We discovered Clearwater, and fixed them to our Toyota GT86 for a 24 Hour race at Silverstone. These were the Kristas at 2400 Lumens each. We were utterly amazed at how bright they were, and how pure the lighting was, making HID's look positively yellow!


After that, we got more interested and started distributing them in the Bike World, their original use.


We feel that the Ericas at an amazing 6000 Lumens each, and the Darlas at 2400 Lumens each have a great future in Endurance racing. They pack huge light output for very low current from the Alternator, always a weak point on an Endurance race car or bike.


The Ericas produce close to 400 watts of output (in normal light terms that I can understand!) for only 60 watt drain on the alternator, which is quite staggering. That means that you could bolt 2 Ericas on, and 2 Darlas for corner illumination (they are so small they will fit almost anywhere), pack out 1200 watts of lighting for only 168 watts of alternator drain.....

  • 6000 Lumens, equivalent to 400 watts output

  • 60 watt consumption



  • 2400 Lumens, equivalent to 135 watts output

  • 20 watt consumption



Erica Lights are suitable as powerful Main Beam units with nearly 400 watts of Halogen equivalent output (6000 Lumens). They will replace any almost any standard HID light quite easily and fit almost anywhere with no 'ballast' packs required. They can be dimmed with the optional wiring loom, and go to full power on the main beam switch. Ideal for moving those pesky back markers out of the way!


Darla Lights are only 2" in diameter, and are perfect as corner placement lights and will go just about anywhere! Still packing more than 150 watts of Halogen power each (2400 Lumens), with a usable beam.


Here are 2 x Erica Lights fixed into the standard headlight fixing on a Mosler, against standard lights. Look at how the stand is completely lit up behind the pit wall....




2 x Ericas - £637 + vat

2 x Darlas - £395 + vat

Standard HID Lights

Standard HID Lights + ERICAS

2014 November TimeAttack Brands Hatch


In November we raced this BMW M3 GTR at Donington Park. Before the race we did a before and after with our lights. The graphic below is pretty clear, showing the difference between standard HID lights as fitted to the 'road' car, and then the Ericas pointed forward and Kristas to the side.... after we drove the car on the track we moved the angled Kristas further forward as the angle was just too extreme. You need those angles though to spot the apex of the tighter corners. In the race they worked great, and we came home with 2 x 2nd places, narrowly missing out on a win in the second race.

Also in November we raced our Mosler SuperGT for the first time in TimeAttack, and came home with a second in the day race and a win in the night race. 

  • 2400 Lumens, equivalent to 400 watts output

  • 36 watt consumption



2 x Kristas - £487 + vat

Darla Sizes

Erica and Krista Sizes

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